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Poor viewing angle.
August 25, 2017 pottery barn coupons Blog
Edit: This review is for the Acer G236HL Bbd 23-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor. I have a 27 inch Acer that is amazing.My wife and I bought this as a third monitor to put between our two computers t Read More
Our daughter has been using these since she was born in the hospital. I thought about using the more earth friendly brands like honest baby- diaper explosions, whole foods brands- multiple diaper exp Read More
Works flawlessly
I was a little nervous about how well this would work, since it was so cheap. I worried that it might not fit well in the AC vent or that the magnet might not be strong enough, or that removing the ph Read More
Great charger
I have had a 2 wiimote charger since 2008, but when I finally broke down and got a motion plus wiimote, which is my fourth wiimote, I decided I needed the 4 charging stations. This unit works just as Read More